Maggie Weckesser


This was such an amazing experience!! We all learned, and grew so much as performers. Not only did we meet new kids who quickly became our closest friends, but we found a safe spot in Yellow Brick Theater where we were encouraged to be ourselves 100% of the time. We were pushed to do our best, and left so proud of what we had accomplished! I wouldn't trade my time here for the world! :)

Julia Stubbs


Yellow Brick Theater is amazing. I went to camp this summer and it was a wonderful experience! All of the counselors were so kind and guiding. Even with the new rules that had to be put in place, the counselors were still able to find a way to help us have the time of our lives! I loved the dancing activities and learning awesome dances from broadway plays. I loved camp, all the friends I met, and I can’t wait to go again next year!

Evie Weckesser


I had so much fun at camp this year! Everybody was so nice and helpful to me and I had a great week! Can’t wait to go next year!

Colleen Sableski


I love Yellow Brick Theater! I went to their camp and had so much fun I was so sad when it ended. they are so supportive help me learn more about musical theater. They are so kind and all my experiences have been great!

Emerson Benbrahim

Melinda Benbrahim

I had such a fun time yellow brick theater! I was cast in the grunch. it was my first musical, I hope to be in another one soon!

Micah Lander


My Mom loved the fact that there was no driving involved in this production and I had a very fun experience doing this show with everyone.



Grunch was my very first musical. I really liked the songs and the funny moments on Zoom. I can’t wait to do an in-person show!

Tara Cooper


Yellow Brick Theatre is an amazing Children's Theatre Program! Dionne and Jessi pour their heart and soul into this program and make it such a wonderful experience for everyone involved. I would absolutely recommend this theatre for anyone new or even experienced.

Ryan and Sybil Heaton


We recommend Yellow Brick Theater to any child that shows an interest in theater. We are certain with Dionne and Jessi by their side they will quickly become passionate about all things theater. Dionne and Jessi continued theater when others stopped due to COVID-19. They took time to guide my daughter on how to improve with thoughtfulness and skill. They share their love and passion with the children. We are beyond impressed and look forward to seeing their future.

Annie Sableski


I did the summer camp and the show must go online virtual show and they were so fun and I loved meeting new people! All the people are all so welcoming and sweet