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          Yellow Brick Theater is a Dayton-based theater company committed to the education of all aspects of theater production while nurturing creative expression, self confidence, teamwork, and an appreciation for the arts. YBT believes in children and in theater, as well as the powerful combination of both of these things in the lives of the children we serve and in our community. Yellow Brick Theater provides a theatrical home for children, giving them a place to express themselves creatively, feel connected to their peers, and learn valuable life skills. Our mission is to strengthen the vibrant youth culture of the Greater Dayton area by providing children and their families with theater education, performance experiences, and opportunities for artistic self expression. We accomplish this through teaching classes, workshops, and producing family- friendly performances.

          We believe that theater teaches a wide range of necessary skills. Participating in theater builds trust, encourages risk taking, and demands total involvement. The skills taught through our programs reach far beyond the stage. It is more vital than ever for children to learn how to connect and exchange ideas face to face, have access to imaginative play, and confidently express themselves. Theater is essential in encouraging young people to examine the world around them, experience that world from another point of view, and discover empathy.

          Children are our future. The skills and connections we can provide for them will not only serve them, but will also serve the world.

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